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Putting is short and sweet, we want to be Canada’s Restaurant’s lifeline.  We understand the challenges that Canadian restaurants face in these very difficult times. It is estimated that up to half of restaurants nationwide are barely scraping by, with one third projecting to go out of business in the coming one to two years if things don’t improve drastically.

We are a network of passionate individuals with firsthand experience in restaurant operations, food and beverage services, menu design, customer service, small and medium size business financials, web design, Google search, online marketing, among others. Our goal is to equip your restaurant with resources, options and tools designed to help you succeed in our highly competitive industry. We provide customized strategies, tailored to your business' unique needs and goals, and we are here to help you every step of the way.

Our ultimate objective is to help you discover the pathways to succeed, to keep you generating jobs, feeding your community and to have you eventually start expanding!

With well over two decades in hospitality pre-openings, openings, management, planning and design, in hotels and restaurants in 4 continents, both for independent corporations and global brands, I am first-hand acquainted with your challenges and your worries for the future of your business, your team, your customers and your brand and dream. When you call for a rescue, myself and team we will be there with you and absolutely committed to turning things around for you, drawing on my significant experience in the field but most importantly, our joint passion and dedication to your cause. Let's grab a drink or your favorite dish at your restaurant, and let's have a life-changing chat together!

Luis Riestra, 

Managing Director

Restaurants take significant effort and time to grow, a sacrifice that demands all you can give. Imagine suddenly coming across so many more options than you thought you had, and realizing that it is not difficult to have a fantastic website and digital marketing strategy to bring you tons of customers and take-out orders. Or that there are government financing options for your operation you didn’t know you qualified for. Imagine buying new equipment you need in order to expand your menu offer, and that this equipment is freely given to you as a gesture of many communities across the country who want to see you survive and succeed.


Imagine no more. At Restaurant Search and Rescue, if we can find you, we can save you!

These are the values we serve our beloved industry with:

Resourceful                             we offer a comprehensive range of solutions

Exciting                                    we are upbeat, positive and fun to deal with

Sustainable                             we do what is responsible and what will last long-term

Committed                              we don't stop until we find what can help you

Uniting                                     we bring our industry together

Enterprising                             we work with you as if it were our own business

Why Choose Restaurant Search and Rescue?

Industry Expertise

we offer decades of combined experience

Comprehensive Support

we look at everything from every angle

Proven Success

we’ve helped many restaurants find their “aha” moment

Personalized Approach

it is all about your own rescue

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