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As a restaurant owner or operator in today’s Canada, you know first-hand the financial challenges you are likely facing. At Restaurant Search and Rescue you may say that we are becoming a solutions hub, and one of our most important areas of focus is that of financial assistance.


We invite you to make a difference, big or small, by visiting our GoFundMe page and donating today to join the rescue. Our goal is to raise $250,000 throughout this year 2024 and help restaurants in need of urgent assistance to survive and succeed.


Our program assesses the business situation of restaurants calling for rescue missions. We determine the urgency and type of help they need based on a critical scoring system that includes a comprehensive criteria such as:


1. Years in service

2. Number of jobs at risk

3. + or - cash flow

4. Risk of closure or bankruptcy  

5. Other critical factors


We then classify the needs for assistance under one of our Rising Partners or Industry Titans supplier categories. Our primary aim is to help save the business, the jobs and the community contribution local restaurants represent and provide a fighting chance to those struggling the most.


Throughout 2024 as we collect donations, we select restaurants from across the country according to their critical score, and distribute grants of $1,000 to $10,000, in order of urgency via our listed  suppliers, in order to equip the recipients with the resources they need to survive and succeed!


For example, if our assessment determines a restaurant asking for rescue is in most urgent need for equipment that will help improve the menu and attract more customers to the otherwise not very busy tables, we will provide a grant, if selected, directly to one of our equipment supplier that can deliver such equipment. Many of our suppliers offer preferential pricing for rescue missions, so no matter what grant a restaurant may get, it is sure the funds will go even further!

Click below to donate today and support the movement!

Apply for Restaurant Rescue
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