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Got Questions? We Have Your Answers!
  • What is Restaurant Search & Rescue?
    Restaurant Search & Rescue is an organization staffed and managed by hospitality-experienced passionate team members whose call of duty is that of helping restaurants assess, identify and understand their shortcomings, their difficulties, and help them search and find solutions within the resources at our reach. This includes connecting with the right suppliers, administrative tools and financial sources.
  • What Can Restaurant Search & Rescue do for me?
    At Restaurant Search & Rescue we can either visit your location in person or we can do everything online via video. We meet and discuss your restaurant situation to understand what your main issues are, which normally affect profitability. Typical issues we hear is having not enough customers, not having a functional online presence, staffing issues, etc, most of which translate into profitability challenges. We do an internal assessment after our discussion and come back to you in a few days with possible solutions. These range from connecting you with well-priced suppliers, to finding you a specialist in your areas of biggest concern, assisting you to obtain funding, all the way to a full operational overhaul if that's the recommendation we identify and you are ready for a big turn around.
  • How can you meet me?
    Initially we conduct our first meeting online via Google Meets which is very easy to use. After our discussion and depending on what type of rescue you choose, our next meetings could remain online or can change into in-person visits to your restaurant location.
  • What type of solutions do you offer?
    Our team focuses on the areas we identify together as most criticals for your survival and success. Based on that, we can offer rescues in the areas of: - Profitability assessment and planning, - Equipment and supplies purchasing at better-than market pricing, - Staffing assessment and planning, - Funding solutions, including identifying best options and assisting you to apply for business loans and free government grants that you may qualify for. Other solutions besides the above and discussed with you and customized as necessary. Our primary goal is to help you survive and succeed!
  • How do I call for a rescue?
    Get in contact with us today by simply heading to our contact form so we can call you back or if you are ready to give us some details about your situation, head to our Rescue My Restaurant page to fill out a detailed form at We respond to all requests for rescue within one business day.
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