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Ready to Rescue Your Restaurant?

At Restaurant Search and Rescue, we know that the only language your investors, creditors (and your spouse) understand is, ...wait for it…. cash! Yet today’s Canadian reality is half of restaurants are not turning in any profit, let alone feel comfortable making expansion plans. Besides the wonderful feeling of a satisfied returning customer who loves your food or a staff member who sticks with you through thick and thin, why do all this and sacrifice so much of your life if the bank account isn’t ever growing?


Official statistics show half of restaurants are struggling financially. Well, how about the other half? Isn’t that where you should be? Let us help you keep more of your business in your bank account starting today.

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Grants and Loans

Did you know the government of Canada offers over 1,500 programs of financial assistance, including grants and loans for small and medium-sized enterprises? You could qualify for a number of these. Some of our Rescued restaurants tell us that it can take them hours to navigate this information and they sometimes even give up on the process of searching and finding the ones you are eligible for. Let us do the search for you so you can focus on that customer on table 10 who wants more wine.  

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Banks and Other Lenders

Although government-backed grants and loans feel great (if you can manage the lengthy application process), sometimes you may not qualify for the program you want or you may need even more financial assistance.


There are options offered by banks and other lenders that are tailored to the restaurant industry that we can help you get within reach of.


Interested in Funding Options?

Fill out a quick Rescue Questionnaire down here to become a Champion-in-need (Elite) and tell us where you need help. We’ll contact you within one business day to discuss a Search and Rescue plan for you.

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Restaurant Search and Rescue is spearheading a nationwide project to rescue restaurants in distress. By donating as little as the tip you handed out at that restaurant last weekend, you contribute towards our 2024 goal of raising $250,000 to help our industry with equipment, marketing, supplies and cash grants of $1,000 to $10,000 each.


You can sign up to be a grant-recipient candidate yourself by filling out the Rescue My Restaurant questionnaire below and becoming a member. We assess your business situation and your suitability to enter you into this program on a needs basis and add you automatically if you reach the critical score. Once recipients are announced, each will receive the value of their grant in whatever product or service they need the most, directly from one of our suppliers or partners.

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