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Apply for Restaurant Rescue

Our Rising Suppliers are the backbone of our rescue missions. They have joined Restaurant Search and Rescue to make their products and services available, often at preferential prices, to our Champion-in-need Free and Elite members, and help you survive and succeed!


When you join as a Champion-in-need (Elite) member, you are automatically entered into our annual GoFundMe recipients selection process and become eligible for a restaurant profitability assessment (a paid service) at a reduced price. This assessment helps you identify problems with your restaurant profitability and pinpoints areas where you could benefit from one of our donated grants.


Funds from these grants are paid directly to Rising Suppliers and Industry Titans on your behalf, whereas their products and services are being made available often at a reduced price to maximize your grant. This allows you to stretch these funds while procuring items you need to survive and succeed according to the results of the assessment and your critical score. Learn more on our GoFundMe page.

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