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Did you call for a Search and Rescue mission?

You may have been on this trek for many years or you may be just starting the journey. Either way, you feel your compass is not pointing to the True North, you’ve lost all your emotional (and sometimes physical) strength to keep going, and you just don’t feel free of your worries of business survival. Does this sound very Canadian to you?


Time to call for a Search and Rescue mission and regain your True North, Strong and Free business confidence!


Fill out this simple form below to become a Champion-in-need (Elite) and we will get back you within one day to get your Rescue started: (*required questions)

Is your restaurant a franchise?
What areas do you think you need rescue with? Check all that apply:
You can start your Champion-in-need (Elite) membership today and automatically be entered into our Rescue My Restaurant Inquiries pool as well as being considered for our GO-FUND-ME grants.
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