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Thanking all our Rescue Heroes!
Apply for Restaurant Rescue

Our Rising Suppliers help restaurants in need survive and succeed. At Restaurant Search and Rescue we are becoming a solutions hub you may say, and one of our most important focus areas is that of assistance in the form of equipment, products and services.


Rising Suppliers come in all sizes and shapes, and are paramount in our rescue efforts with Champions-in-need like yourself. They supply a variety of items, from foods, to utensils to packaging and more.


As a Champion-in-need (Elite), you will be entitled to be considered for grants to cover these items, as well as taxes, shipping, etc. If chosen, we will work together with you and a Rising Supplier to help you survive and succeed!

Apply for Restaurant Rescue
Apply for Restaurant Rescue

Restaurant Search and Rescue partners with Rising Suppliers in these categories:


  1. Small Kitchen Appliances

  2. Kitchen and Service Utensils

  3. Wholesale Food Distributors (fresh, frozen, dry, etc.)

  4. Sustainable Disposables and Packaging

  5. Rare or exotic food importers and distributors

  6. Cleaning and Pest Control Solutions

  7. Special and Unique technologies

  8. Marketing services (non-web-design)

  9. Education, Safety, Training and Certifications

  10. Others products and services

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