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Ready to become the Rescuer?
Apply for Restaurant Rescue

As a Canadian supplier of all things restaurant, you know first-hand the financial challenges being faced by most of our industry. At Restaurant Search and Rescue we are becoming a solutions hub you may say, and one of our most important focus areas is that of assistance in the form of equipment, products and services.


As a Rising Supplier, you make an important difference in helping restaurants survive and succeed. To become a Rising Supplier and help our industry survive, we invite you join us by filling out the form below.


Rising Suppliers pay an annual suppliers membership fee and receive representation in their category and regular exposure to our rescue restaurants within our newsletters, promotional material and a listing in the directory. You become the direct recipient of rescue grants being distributed in 2024 to restaurants in need when chosen as a supplier following our business assessment. These grants are provided on behalf of selected recipients, who will in turn choose the items they need from your shop. The grants go to cover these items, taxes, shipping, etc. Although it is not guaranteed if and when you will be chosen to receive grants on behalf of restaurants, the ROI on your membership should not only be positive but even encouraging given the number of grants to be distributed in 2024 where you are exposed as a potential recipient.


Restaurants Canada Show 2024 Special!

Apply for Restaurant Rescue
Become Rising Supplier within April at only $1,500 annual membership fee, or $2,000 within May. Membership investment after June 1st falls back to $2,500.
Apply for Restaurant Rescue

Restaurant Search and Rescue is currently inviting Suppliers in these remaining categories to join the rescue:


  1. Small Kitchen Appliances

  2. Kitchen and Service Utensils

  3. Wholesale Food Distributors (fresh, frozen, dry, etc.)

  4. Sustainable Disposables and Packaging

  5. Rare or exotic food importers and distributors

  6. Cleaning and Pest Control Solutions

  7. Special and Unique technologies

  8. Marketing services (non-web-design)

  9. Education, Safety, Training and Certifications

  10. Other categories (specify your own)


Contact us today and let us know which category from the list above represents your product or service. We will get back to you within one business day.


Our Free and Elite Champions-in-need member’s information is never shared with Rising Suppliers or Industry Titans as per privacy laws. Your organization is exposed to them regularly via our marketing and directly when you become recipient of a GoFundMe grant to help rescue a restaurant. You can opt out of having your organization’s information sent to our members via marketing, however, to improve ROI on your membership fee, we recommend you opt in.

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